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J-B cover Sang Froyd cover Klongs cover Finding Dad cover Focusing the Private Eye cover

1. John-Browne's Body & Sole is the journal of a talented and sensitive 13-year old boy with a major problem to confront.
2. Sang Froyd begins the saga of the Kuhl Family, 15-year-old sticky-fingered Joseph in the forefront.
3. The Balona Klongs is a story about real estate shenanigans that will be enjoyed by grown-ups and more mature young adults.
4. Finding Dad has 16-year-old narrator Joseph Kuhl and his astonishing and heroic Cousin Nim searching Balona for Joe's father.
5. Focusing the Private Eye finds 17-year-old Joseph attempting to solve the mystery of a successful arsonist, The Balona Starfighter.

One Brick Shy Cover Spring Break cover A Little Honesty cover A Cuisine of Leftovers cover

6. One Brick Shy presents Joe and Cousin Zack attending a dance which turns into a splendid riot, fire, and flood.
7. Spring Break has Joe and Zack trying to make a buck out of the accidental flooding of Balona caused by Joseph's father.
8. A Little Honesty is narrated by Zack who's trapped in summer school, but makes the best of it with gusto.
9. A Cuisine of Leftovers consists of short stories about some stars of Balona Society (high and low). Probably more interesting to grown-ups and more mature young adults.

Thing with Feathers cover Heavier than Air cover Far Side of the Moon cover The Burberry Style cover The Chocolate Korndog cover

10. Thing with Feathers is a story of an ex-Marine who's having troubles "adjusting to life." Probably more interesting to grown-ups and more mature young adults
11. Heavier than Air provides the Kuhl family with the potential of enormous wealth. Will the bounty last?
12. The Far Side of the Moon is historical fiction about a very brave young woman in California of the 1870s.
13. The Burberry Style presents Simon Burberry, an Englishman accidentally landing in Balona. Is he safe? Is Balona?
14. The Chocolate Korndog demonstrates how Balonans love a good contest--this one to produce a (possibly) tasty pastry. (NOW READY TO ORDER)